The Asia-Pacific Education, Language Minorities, and Migrants (ELMM) Network, based at the University of Pennsylvania, is a global research network dedicated to the comparative study of educational provision, opportunities, and inequalities for language minority and migrant youth in the Asia-Pacific region.

ELMM is characterized by remarkable collaboration of faculty and students across disciplines and geographic boundaries, to address diverse educational issues related to language and ethnicity, as these issues play out in the context of globalization and rising international and internal migration in the region.

The ELMM Network seeks to facilitate communication and exchange among new and established researchers interested in the region, via dissemination of working papers and reprints, facilitating virtual and in-person workshops and forums, encouraging academic exchanges, and facilitating interdisciplinary and international research collaborations.

Currently, ELMM Network scholars are active in three broad areas:

  • Language acquisition
  • Ethnic stratification
  • Education and migration

The ELMM Network is a collaborative effort of the University of Pennsylvania Population Studies Center and Graduate School of Education, and is funded by the Provost’s Global Engagement Fund.