Recognizing Faculty Distinction

Penn Arts & Sciences is pleased to recognize faculty who have been honored with endowed professorships and other named positions, along with the generous donors whose gifts support excellence.

For faculty who have achieved great distinction, there is no higher honor Penn Arts & Sciences can bestow than a named position.

This recognition universally acknowledges the work of accomplished teachers, mentors, scholars, and thought leaders. It lifts them to new levels of renown and effectiveness, and encourages bold, inventive research.

Endowed professors, at all levels, have the School’s strongest expression of support, and, through teaching and research, extend the School’s influence beyond campus. An endowed professorship is an indispensable tool for both recruiting distinguished faculty and retaining and rewarding current faculty who are among the best in their fields. Appointment to such a position provides support that moves current research forward, and enhances the ability to secure future funding.

News about our Faculty

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