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Student Poster Gallery

Presenting Students and Poster Titles (Linked to PDF Versions of the Posters)

Atharva Bhagwat, Unseen: the Fight for Breath in Philadelphia

James Gibson, Characterizing Childhood Lead Exposure from Soil in Philadelphia Public Spaces (PDF not available)

Emma Johnson, Knowledge of Lead’s Health Risks and Gentrification and their Possible Effects on Health in Neighborhoods in Philadelphia, PA

Linya (Leah) Liu, Rising Clear Bag Policy Enforced at Sports Gates

Maggie McNulty, The Forgotten Contribution of Ellen Harrison: Women’s Roles in Urban Greening, Botany, and Forestry (PDF not available)

Laura Prewitt, The Occurrence of Ecological Gentrification Following Urban Green Infrastructure Installation

Adrian Wood, CHIRP: the Chester Healthy Infant Research-to-Action Partnership