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Below is a list of the symposium presentations for which slides or written summaries are available to the public. These materials can be accessed by clicking on images beneath the presentation titles. 

Reto Gieré   Welcome and Introductory Address

Paul Mohai   Data-Driven Environmental Justice

Trevor Penning   Unconventional Natural Gas Drilling in Marcellus Shale

Gwen Ottinger   Science for Environmental Justice: Amplifying Organizing

Paul English   Community Science and Environmental Justice: The case of the Imperial County CA Community Air
                        Monitoring Network

Read presentation summary here

Michael Ash   Corporate Toxics Information Project

Hari Osofsky   Electricity Transition and Inequality

David Konisky   Rethinking Environmental Justice Policy

Julian Agyeman   The Green New Deal and Just Sustainabilities

Jerome Shabazz   Intersection of Environment, Health & Dignity