We are undeniably at a pivotal moment in history.

As we emerge from the social and economic devastation of the pandemic, there is a triple imperative to fix the systems that are causing the climate and biodiversity crises as well as institutionalized inequalities. The Environmental Innovations Initiative will bring together researchers, scholars, and students to develop new ideas and innovative solutions for our global environment. It is designed to maximize Penn’s distinctive interdisciplinary strengths, building collaborations across disciplines and creating a catalyst to spur new areas of inquiry across such areas as climate change, sustainability, and environmental equity, among others.

The Initiative is charged to

Facilitate innovative research that maximizes Penn’s distinctive interdisciplinary strengths, within and between schools, centers, graduate groups, and departments

Recruit outstanding faculty members whose new perspectives advance the university’s work across such areas as climate change, sustainability, and environmental justice

Develop formal and informal educational programs, as well as public events and communications, that further the impact of Penn research and bring new solutions to our campus and a wider global community

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