What is EventCon?

This is an example site for a fictitious conference.

EventCon is a student run conference for Events PhD students. It consists of two days of academic talks and discussions as well as social events. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to present their work to a diverse and unfamiliar audience of students from other schools and receive feedback.

This year’s conference will take place on August 13-14, 1815 at the University of Pennsylvania. We hope the conference will be particularly appealing to those looking to go on the job market next year. In previous years we received an average of over 140 submissions a year and the best 30 papers were selected for presentation by a panel of PhD students.

Each presentation will be given an hour and 10 minutes, including time for discussants. At each time slot we will have three simultaneous presentations, divided by sub-field.

The conference is being sponsored by the Events Departments of the University of Southern North Dakota, the University of Eastern West Virginia, and the Arizona University of Pennsylvania. This year’s conference is organized by Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennett, and Thomas Cromwell.

All Events graduate students are invited – even ones who will not be presenting. Please RSVP to EventCon 2015 if you would like to attend.

Meals will be provided during the conference, but due to limited funding, we are not able to pay for travel and accommodations. EventCon participants are encouraged to apply for travel compensation from their home institutions.

Note:  The full schedule is up! Please check out the “Schedule” tab to go see it!

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