Publishing Panel

On Sunday morning, March 17th we will explore the publishing process during a panel discussion in the Golkin Room, Houston Hall. It is traditional to cap off EventCon with a bit of professional development aimed at helping authors (and other interested participants) turn the feedback they’ve gotten into a product for publication. This year the panel will feature a distinguished group of scholars who will be on hand to provide guidance based on their extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Dr. John Tresch, Associate Professor of History and Sociology of Science at Penn, will speak about monograph publishing.
  • Benjamin Franklin, a Philadelphia-based writer, editor, and historian, will discuss the ins and outs of manuscript development.
  • Andrew Greeley, will talk about the process of submitting to and publishing in scholarly journals.
  • Dr. Benjamin Cohen, Assistant Professor of Engineering studies at Lafayette University will discuss the process of putting together and publishing an edited volume.

The discussion will be largely driven by questions from conference participants, so please come prepared to ask any question, big or small.

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