Invasive plants and animals threaten the local endemic species.

LAVA-Agro promotes sustainable local agriculture in the Galápagos through reimagining land use scenarios and studying how to manage invasive species. In the Galápagos, the large majority of agricultural products are imported from the mainland. Relying so heavily on imported food has a series of negative consequences, including increasing the spread of invasive species, driving up food costs, decreasing food security, and damaging public health outcomes. Despite the downfalls of importing food, domestic food production in Galápagos is declining.  One of the main obstacles to revitalizing local food production is managing the invasive plant species that have taken over abandoned agricultural lands. Studying how to best clear and manage these species is a principal component of LAVA-Agro. This project is also committed to understanding land and climate conditions to strategically plan the most effective ways to develop agriculture in the islands.

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