Modeling Strategic Behavior: A Graduate Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design

This book (to be published by World Scientific Press) is based on my lecture notes for Economics 703, a first-year graduate course that I have been teaching at the Economics Department, University of Pennsylvania, for many years. It is impossible to understand modern economics without knowledge of the basic tools of game theory and mechanism design. My goal in the course (and this book) is to teach the necessary concepts and principles of game theory and mechanism design so that students can understand and appreciate the corpus of modern economic thought, and so contribute to it.

A key theme in the course is the interplay between the formal development of the tools and their use in applications. At the same time, extensions of the results that are beyond the course, but important for context are (briefly) discussed.

The September 18, 2018 (and hopefully final) draft can be found here: Modeling Strategic Behavior.

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