Green Office Certifications

The Penn Green Office Program, ran by the Penn Sustainability office, is a certification program that recognizes the efforts of staff and faculty to green their daily office activities. The certification focuses on seven categories of sustainability: Waste, Purchasing, Energy, Water, Indoor Air Quality and Human Health, Transportation and Involvement.

Participating offices earn points by completing specific sustainability actions, which are assigned point values based on their impact and level of difficulty to implement. Their are four levels of certification, and offices can choose to aim for the highest level from the start, or work their way up slowly from Level One. Level One certification can be reached with 25 easily achievable actions, while subsequent levels require increasingly more effort and cost, but also have increasing impact. Points required for each level of certification are:

  • LEVEL 3 130 POINTS
  • LEVEL 4 180 POINTS

For more information on the Green Office Program and to find out how to green your office, visit the Penn Sustainability’s Green Office page.


The School of Arts and Sciences currently has 10 certified Green Offices:

  • Department of Germanic Languages & Literature, Williams Hall
  • SAS Dean’s Office, College Hall
  • College Office, Cohen Hall
  • Center for the Advanced Study of India
  • Graudate Divison, 3401 Walnut Street A-Wing
  • Professional & Liberal Education
  • Business Office, Fisher-Bennett Hall
  • MES & MSAG Office, Hayden Hall
  • SAS Finance, Administration, Facilities Planning & Operations, 3600 Market Street


Help SAS Sustainability get to our goal of 20 certified Green Offices. Start your office’s Green Office Checklist now!