Rethink Your Footprint 2018 Zero Waste Day

This year, SAS Rethought their footprint with the City of Philadelphia’s Zero Waste and Litter Director, Nic Esposito at the SAS Zero Waste Day. New knowledge on how to contribute to Philly’s zero waste goals was discussed, and a zero waste drive was held for people to leave their waste behind.

Thanks to everyone’s participation, SAS was able to donate 58 pounds of towels, linens, crates and food to the SPCA, 30.5 pounds of shoes, and 8 pairs of glasses. SAS was also able to recycle 410 pounds of electronic waste.

Interested in learning more about the City of Philadelphia’s zero waste goals, but weren’t able to make it to the SAS Zero Waste Day? You can now view the recording of our presentation with Nic Esposito, the City’s Zero Waste and Litter Director! Just Click here.