As Penn’s oldest school and home of the Earth and Environmental Sciences, as well as numerous energy research centers, Arts & Sciences Sustainability has a strong drive to lead by example in many areas of sustainability, foremost energy and carbon reduction. In early 2017, SAS Sustainability undertook the task of creating the School’s first Carbon Inventory. A University-wide carbon inventory was undertaken with the writing of Penn’s initial Climate Action Plan in 2009, but no individual school has undertaken a carbon inventory up until this point. Much like the University-wide carbon inventory, SAS’ intent was to determine the sources of the School’s carbon emissions and inform decisions on ways to reduce those emissions that would ultimately contribute to the University’s goal of carbon reduction to the point of neutrality.

The SAS Carbon Inventory examines institutional greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from three specific categories within the emission scopes: building (electricity, steam, chilled water), van fleet and air travel.


FY16 Carbon Emissions: Building, Van Fleet, Air Travel

To read the full SAS Carbon Inventory for Fiscal Year 2017, click here.