Our Plan

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is committed to the advancement of environmental sustainability and much of our work supports the goals outlined in the University of Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan 2.0. The SAS Sustainability Plan, originally developed by the School of Arts and Sciences in 2012, is built on three cornerstones: energy, operations and education. Since developing the plan in 2012, SAS Facilities Planning and Operations (FPO) has planned and implemented a variety of projects and initiatives to support these cornerstones while contributing to larger campus-wide sustainability goals. The future projects and initiatives selected by SAS FPO will strive to do the same. Many of these investments in sustainability are also expected to generate reasonable return on investment. SAS FPO intends to focus effort and resources on objectives that will reduce long term operating costs for SAS, thus contributing to an environmentally and financially sustainable future for the School.


SAS Sustainability Cornerstones: Energy, Operations, Education

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