07A Giotto and Predecessors


Pattern Book: Title Detail: standing prophets; 12th Century, (German)
Rome: Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 1976

9th century mosaic, church of Santa Maria in Domnica, Rome

Madonna and Child Enthroned. Rome, Santa Maria in Domnica; commissioned by St. Pope Paschal I (r. 817-24)


Hosios Loukas Monastery Katholican, 1020-1040, Three Youths in the Fiery Furnace



Cimabue: Madonna and child enthroned, Prophets and Angels (Uffizi)



Giotto, F. Francis renounces possessions (S. Croce)



Giotto, S. Francis receives stigmata (S. Croce)





Fra Angelico, S. Marco Altarpiece  (ca 1440)