07A Giotto and Predecessors


Pattern Book: Title Detail: standing prophets; 12th Century, (German)
Rome: Vatican Library, Vat. lat. 1976

9th century mosaic, church of Santa Maria in Domnica, Rome

Madonna and Child Enthroned. Rome, Santa Maria in Domnica; commissioned by St. Pope Paschal I (r. 817-24)


Hosios Loukas Monastery Katholican, 1020-1040, Three Youths in the Fiery Furnace



Cimabue: Madonna and child enthroned, Prophets and Angels (Uffizi)



Giotto, F. Francis renounces possessions (S. Croce)



Giotto, S. Francis receives stigmata (S. Croce)





Fra Angelico, S. Marco Altarpiece  (ca 1440)

Rome, Niccoline Chapel