Brandon J. Orzolek, B.S., Ph.D. Candidate

Interim Director, High Throughput Experimentation Center

Brandon Orzolek earned his B.S. in chemistry at the University of San Diego in 2019. He conducted his undergraduate research in the laboratories of Dr. Tammy J. Dwyer and Dr. Peter M. Iovine, where he developed skills in solving the solution structures of unnatural-base pair containing oligonucleotides and applied synthetic organic chemistry towards the construction of terpene-derivatized starch for potential application in consumer plastics. He then joined the lab of Dr. Marisa C. Kozlowski at the University of Pennsylvania where he is currently working on the synthesis of several natural products via oxidative chemistry and the applications of computational chemistry and machine learning to drive reaction discovery. Brandon is currently working as the interim director of the High-Throughput Experimentation Center at the University of Pennsylvania.