IHSP Partners

IHSP works with a range of government and civil society groups to protect and preserve Iraq’s cultural heritage. The sections below provide overviews of our financial support, in-country partnerships, and implementing organizations.

Funding Organizations

U.S. Department of State

ALIPH Foundation

Gerda Henkel Stiftung

Project Partners

Chaldean Antonian Order of St. Hormizd

Chaldean Catholic Church

Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage

Ninawa Inspectorate, Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage

Syriac Orthodox Church

Yezidi Spiritual Council

Implementation Partners

Christian Aid Program - Nohedra, Iraq

Consultancy for Conservation and Development Ltd.

Cultural Property Consultants, LLC

University of Mosul Engineering Consulting Bureau

IHSP works closely with Iraqi heritage professionals to protect and promote Iraq’s diverse cultural heritage for both Iraqis and the global community. Please consider donating to support the preservation of this heritage for present and future generations.