Virtual Strategic Analysis and Forecasting Tool (V-SAFT)

Lustick Consulting was awarded a contract through the Office of Naval Research to develop V-SAFT.

We will provide a completed Virtual Strategic Analysis and Forcasting Tool (V-SAFT), an integrated, semi-automatic tool for producing and exploiting virtualized models of complex sociocultural arenas.

The V-SAFT ultimate objective is to provide commanders with the capacity to monitor the velocity, scope, and magnitude of change in politically fragile societies.  Model-building instruments within V-SAFT will double as situation awareness instruments for operators, featuring wiki-style windows into the human terrain of complex societies.  V-SAFT will enhance forecasting capabilities by extending the range of questions commanders can ask and by greatly improving the reliability of answers.  In particular, V-SAFT will be designed to assess the likelihood of rare but high-impact events and to afford trace-back opportunities to support mitigation strategies and contingency planning.

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