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Forecasting Political Futures For Thailand: Leveraging Social Science Theory in a Virtualization Model

Ian Lustick, Roy Eidelson, Matthew Tubin, Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces

This poster was presented at “HSCB Focus 2011: Integrating Social Science Theory and Analytic Methods for Operational Use“.

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From the website, the purpose of this meeting was to “showcase research and applications in the general HSCB modeling area and to engage OSD HSCB Modeling Program personnel as well as leading scientific and technical experts working in HSCB related fields in a technical exchange. A specific focus of this conference will be to promote communication between the development and user communities and to facilitate the transition of HSCB capabilities into operational use. In addition to personnel from the OSD HSCB Modeling Program, representatives from both DoD and other Government agencies are expected to attend and showcase their programs in this area.  Researchers and developers from industry, academia, and government labs, including current HSCB program awardees, are invited to present their work and ideas related to HSCB technologies. Additionally, representatives from end-user communities within DOD and elsewhere in the US government are strongly encouraged to present requirements, use cases, and challenge problems to the community.”