Who We Work With

We work with organizations who are passionate about having a social impact in the communities they serve and are committed to continuous improvement and learning. 

  • Social and Public Sector Organizations. We work with social and public sector organizations that are committed to using data to inform program, policy, and organizational improvement. Organizations either hire us as an external consultant or participate in one of our training programs.
  • Foundations. We work with foundations who are committed to building organizational capacity and evaluating the impact of their strategy. We provide evaluation and leadership development training for nonprofits within their portfolios. 

Click here for a list of current clients.

Who Our Work Impacts

We believe that constituents and community members should be key stakeholders in evaluation efforts. Otherwise, evaluators are basing recommendations and decisions on incomplete, and possibly inaccurate, information. In many cases, the constituents most directly affected by an evaluation are not aware that the evaluation is happening and may not consider themselves stakeholders in the evaluation or even, in the organization. We address this power dynamic by working with our clients to engage constituents and community members in each stage of our projects. 

Read more about our Commitment to Equity.

Who We Partner With

We recognize the limitations of our own perspectives and believe that collaborative efforts produce better results. Since we are based at Penn, we are able to take advantage of the expertise across the university and have also developed several strategic external partnerships. Our partners provide valuable content expertise and help us expand our reach to new communities.