The ImpactED Fellowship will be granted to qualified Fels students so they can learn and apply methods of analysis and policy making while they work on ImpactED’s projects. This knowledge will be shared through disseminating and publishing research findings and knowledge.

The Fellowship will provide students with opportunities to:

Build Analytic Skills. Fellows will develop skills in several key areas:

  • Writing proposals and submitting protocols to the Institutional Review Board
  • Developing evaluation strategy and corresponding instruments
  • Collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Report writing and communicating results

Make Community Connections. Fellows will make community connections and provide public leaders with rigorous, independent, and practical analysis.

Create Scholarship. Fellows will support with report writing and have an opportunity to publish research findings and attend conferences.

Click here for more information on the Fellowship structure and expectations (PDF).

“As a former teacher, I came to Fels with two primary goals: to develop my professional skill set, and to develop connections to people doing interesting work in the education world in the Philly area.  Interning with ImpactED during my first year at Fels allowed me to make tremendous progress toward both of those goals.  I gained extensive experience with program evaluation, working on projects at every step from the beginning conceptual stages all the way through to the final reports. I also worked on projects with some of the most innovative thinkers in the local education world, and my ImpactED experience led directly to a summer internship in the superintendent’s office at the School District of Philadelphia. My time at ImpactED was a formative part of my time in graduate school, and my experience there continues to have great value to me today.”

– Joe Hejlek MPA’ 17, former ImpactED Fellow

The application process takes place each Spring/Summer for the upcoming school year.