Health Information Project (HIP) is a peer health promotion program dedicated to supporting, informing, and empowering youth. Founded in 2008, HIP started in two schools and quickly expanded to 58 schools across Miami, Florida. In ten years, HIP has trained 8,200 11th and 12th grade student peer health educators who have provided valuable health information to over 180,000 9th graders. In 2018-2019, HIP commissioned ImpactED to conduct a mixed-methods evaluation of its program’s impact on students’ health knowledge, health behaviors, and school climate. Our evaluation included surveys with 9th grade students, Peer Health Educators, 9th grade teachers, and principals; four focus groups with 9th grade students and Peer Health Educators; 21 individual interviews and observations with key stakeholders; and additional observations. The evaluation found that HIP had a positive impact on students’ knowledge of health topics, their prohealth and prosocial behaviors, and their soft skills. HIP also had high levels of acceptance and satisfaction amongst stakeholders, with 100% of principals and 95% of 9th grade teachers reporting that they would recommend HIP to other schools.