Our services increase organizations’ effectiveness by equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to achieve greater impact in the social and public sectors.

Research and Evaluation Services

We believe data is only useful if it can inform decisions in an ongoing, timely way, so we approach strategy, evaluation, and implementation as interrelated processes rather than as separate activities. Our unique approach to research and evaluation focuses not only on data collection and analysis, but also on developing a customized evaluation strategy and plan for using data to inform action.

Comprehensive research. We use qualitative and quantitative sources of data to learn about the population you serve, what they think, and what they need from your organization.

Customized evaluation strategy. We support organizations in developing a customized strategy for mapping program design and objectives, and measuring progress towards key outcomes.

Rigorous data collection and analysis. We conduct rigorous evaluations which leverage qualitative and quantitative sources of data to understand the implementation and impact of programs, projects, and initiatives.

Data to action planning. We help organizations develop data use plans that inform internal programmatic improvement and deliver high-quality reports that support organizations to tell their story of impact.

Learning and Development Services

Based at the University of Pennsylvania, ImpactED has access to extensive infrastructure for program development and facilitation of adult learning. We believe that learning should be responsive, practical, and collaborative. Our trainings are customized to meet the needs of our participants and are grounded in key principles of instructional design and adult learning.

Measurement and evaluation training programs & workshops

Our evaluation capacity-building programs and workshops help organizations assess and strengthen their impact on the communities they serve by enhancing measurement and evaluation skills. Each of our trainings is designed to provide targeted and collaborative opportunities for applied learning. They are offered in a hybrid format, with both online and in-person components, and are aligned to key elements of our evaluation framework:

  • Logic Models & Theories of Change
  • Indicators & Targets
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Implementation Planning: From Data to Action
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling
Leadership development training programs & workshops

Our leadership development programs are deeply collaborative and in keeping with LPS’ mission, encourage lifelong learning relevant to a changing global society. We offer customizable training programs that provide learners with the skills, confidence, and support they need to influence change in their organizations.

Retreat and meeting facilitation

We believe that good meeting facilitation should be grounded in an understanding of what you want to achieve. To that end, all of our facilitation engagements begin with an assessment of organizational need, through which we collaborate with leadership to define success. Specifically, we facilitate board retreats, advisory board meetings, planning sessions, and conferences. Regardless of the meeting type, we produce reports which document key ideas and provide suggested opportunities for ongoing work.

Instructional and program design

We believe that programs should be designed to fit an organization’s mission and capacity. To that end, we design programming that is informed by data. On the front end, we determine learner needs so that we can create clear programmatic outcomes and measures. We also collect data to measure effectiveness and impact and make relevant adjustments to the broader learning sequence.