Season 1, Episode 6

Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

In March 2020, the UN Secretary General described COVID-19 as the most challenging crisis the world has seen since WWII. As the year draws to a close and the pandemic lingers on, we explore what life beyond crisis might look like.

Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis • Season 1, Episode 6

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The worldwide scale and scope of discontinuity, loss, and uncertainty has made the year of the pandemic like no other in recent memory. How are we processing this moment, and how do we move forward? In this episode, we talk to three students, who share how the COVID crisis has reshaped their undergraduate experience at Penn and their visions for the future. We also hear from a professor of English on the parallels between the traumas of the early 20th century and our current challenges, and an expert in the science of resilience offers her thoughts on coping with crisis.


Omar Husni, C’22

Samira Mehta, C’21

James Nycz, C’21

Karen Reivich, Director of Resilience and Positive Psychology Training Programs, Penn Positive Psychology Center

Paul Saint-Amour, Walter and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Humanities and Chair, Department of English


Alex Schein


Loraine Terrell


Alex Schein and Loraine Terrell


Sue Ahlborn, Alex Schein, and Loraine Terrell


Nick Matej


Theme music by Nicholas Escobar, C’18

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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