Fear and Loathing and Science

Season 3  |  Episode 1

Facts vs. Feelings

In this episode, we’ll hear from a particle cosmologist, along with a scholar of religion and science, on what makes people feel the way they do about scientific information and why it’s so hard to communicate about science.

Facts vs. Feelings • Season 3, Episode 1

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One of the more unexpected side effects of COVID has been the rise of a new strain of resistance to scientific information. But science denial didn’t start with COVID The rejection of scientific evidence is part of the history of science itself. How did the search for understanding and truth find itself in the crosshairs of U.S. politics?


Mark Trodden, Fay R. and Eugene L. Langberg Professor of Physics, Co-Director of the Center for Particle Cosmology, and Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Donovan Schaefer, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


Mark Trodden discusses what research from the past 20 years has to say about the Big Bang, gravitational waves, and the expanding universe.

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Alex Schein


Loraine Terrell


Alex Schein and Loraine Terrell


Loraine Terrell


Dan Lee


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