Season 2, Episode 3

Institutionalizing Racism

In this episode we hear from three professors on topics ranging from urban inequality, racial residential segregation, policing procedures, juvenile detention, incarceration, and issues like implicit bias.

Institutionalizing Racism • Season 2, Episode 3

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Racism and discrimination are more than individual problems—they are part of institutions that have far-reaching impact. In this episode we hear from a professor of sociology, education, and Africana Studies who delves into discusses discrimination in higher education and explores how modern racial attitudes shape and are shaped by the places in which people live. We also drop in on a conversation between two criminologists who discuss policing procedures like stop and frisk and examine disparities in the criminal justice system.


Camille Zubrinsky Charles, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology, Africana Studies & Education

Charles Loeffler, Associate Professor of Criminology

John MacDonald, Professor of Criminology and Sociology


Alex Schein


Blake Cole


Alex Schein, Brooke Sietinsons, and Loraine Terrell


Blake Cole and Loraine Terrell


Adriana Bellet


Theme music by Nicholas Escobar, C’18

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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