Season 1, Episode 5

Racial Justice and Repair

In the midst of the pandemic, an estimated 20 million people participated in protests for racial justice. In this episode, we talk about philosophy, justice, and what it might look like the repair a broken system.

Racial Justice and Repair • Season 1, Episode 5

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COVID-19 wasn’t the only health crisis of 2020. In June, the American Medical Association and the American Public Health Association declared that police violence, particularly against Black and brown communities, is a public health crisis that demands attention and action. Widespread protests drew attention this summer, but where do we go from there? In this episode, a lawyer and doctoral candidate in philosophy talks about placing the idea of repair at the center of conversations about justice, and Penn’s Chaplain and Vice President for Social Equity and Community tells us about his experiences as a Penn student and what he thinks about the future.


Daniel Fryer, Doctoral Candidate in Philosophy and former Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia

Charles L. “Chaz” Howard, C’00, University Chaplain, and Vice President for Social Equity and Community


Alex Schein


Lauren Rebecca Thacker


Alex Schein and Brooke Sietinsons


Lauren Rebecca Thacker


Nick Matej


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