Season 2, Episode 7

Repair, Part II

In this episode, we take a look at how the past reverberates through the present, and consider what justice looks like.

Repair, Part II • Season 2, Episode 7

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In our final episode, we’re continuing the conversation about how institutions can perpetuate racial inequalities and the work that remains. We talk to a graduate student whose family has been touched by Penn and slavery across generations, a philosopher who weighs the past and future when it comes to the case for reparations, and a political scientist whose focus on community and repair is not new, but particularly urgent.


Tulia Falleti, Class of 1965 Endowed Term Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies

Breanna Moore, C’15 and doctoral student in history

Daniel Wodak, Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Alex Schein


Lauren Rebecca Thacker


Alex Schein and Brooke Sietinsons


Susan Ahlborn, Loraine Terrell, Lauren Rebecca Thacker


Adriana Bellet


Theme music by Nicholas Escobar, C’18

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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