Season 4, Episode 1

The Art of Healing

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of the arts and humanities in the context of healing.

The Intricate Riddle of Life

The Art of Healing • Season 4, Episode 1

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In this episode, Aaron Levy, a lecturer in English and Art History, talks about how the arts and humanities can serve as tools for life. Then, Dr. Levy is joined by Dr. Lindsay Hoy, a physician at the Perelman School of Medicine, to discuss a project that uses art to bring healing to the medical community.

Listen to Dr. Mathew Beshara’s full Penn Listening Lab story, “56 Days,” mentioned in this episode. Preview the artwork, Bishop and Saints and The Postman on the Rx/Museum website.


Aaron Levy, Senior Lecturer, English and History of Art
Director of the Penn Medicine Listening Lab, Co-Director of Rx/Museum, Inaugural Director of the Health Ecologies Lab and the Social Justice and Arts Integration Initiative in the School of Social Policy & Practice

Lyndsay Hoy, Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Perelman School of Medicine and Co-Director of Rx/Museum


Alex Schein


Loraine Terrell


Alex Schein


Loraine Terrell


Marina Muun


Theme music by Nicholas Escobar, C’18

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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