Season 2, Episode 1

The Largest Movement in History

In this episode, two students and three of our faculty share thoughts on two defining events of the past year: last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests and the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The Largest Movement in History • Season 2, Episode 1

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Shortly before we started work on this season of In These Times, the Capitol was attacked in an attempt to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election. In this episode, we’ll hear some reactions to this moment from faculty speakers who will be featured later in our season. We’ll also hear from two students who reflect on the events of the past year, and share a glimpse of their experiences, as young Black adults finding their path in a nation that has yet to come to terms with its legacy of racism and white supremacy.


Herman Beavers, Julie Beren Platt and Marc E. Platt President’s Distinguished Professor of English and Africana Studies

Camille Charles, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences

Heather Williams, Geraldine R. Segal Professor in American Social Thought

Breanna Moore, C’15 and Ph.D. candidate, Department of History

Jelani Williams, C’21


Alex Schein


Loraine Terrell


Alex Schein and Loraine Terrell


Jane Carroll, Loraine Terrell, Lauren Rebecca Thacker


Adriana Bellet


Theme music by Nicholas Escobar, C’18

Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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