Career Opportunities
There are 1853 Japanese companies that have business in the United States now. By studying Japanese at UPenn, you will have an opportunity to gain the language proficiency as well as the cultural knowledge to work in Japanese companies.

1. Teaching English in Japan
If you are interested in teaching in Japan after graduation, here are a couple of opportunities…

  • JET program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program)
  • PIA program (Princeton in Asia)
  • AEON (Teaching English in the English conversation school in Japan)

2. Internship Opportunities
Annual Student Panel: Career & Internship Opportunities in Japan
10th Annual student Panel: Career and Internship Opportunities in Japan
Date and Time: 10/20 Friday 3-5pm
Place: Williams Hall 202, University of Pennsylvania
The panelists from the first session (3-4pm) are students and alumni of Japanese language classes at the University of Pennsylvania. The panelist from the second session (4-5pm) is a recruiter for English-Japanese bilingual students. She will provide an overview and tips of job hunting. The panel is conducted in English. It is open to the public and anyone is welcome! The panel will be chaired by Tomoko Takami, Director of Japanese Language Program and Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages. For any questions, please contact

Career Forum
World Largest Job Fair: Boston Career Forum
Nov. 17-19

Japan Career Fair @ New York
Oct. 21-22

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