Students Gallery

Students Gallery

Students’  Showcase

  • Fall 2017
    JPAN011: Video introducing Upenn campus to Japanese students at Penn
    JPAN111: Short movies
  • Spring 2018
    JPAN212: Newsletter (Section1) (Section2)
    Third-year Japanese students did research or creative writing for the final project, on a topic of their choice.  Each work explores the individual’s interests, thoughts, and experiences through poems, music, videos and other media, as well as research.  Because they have been compiled in a newsletter format, some of this work can be checked out by clicking the links in the newsletter.
  • Spring 2017
    JPAN 022: Original rap song
    JPAN 212: Kyogen play and four cell manga
  • Fall 2016
    JPAN111: Video letter

Haiku and Senryu Contest in the Intermediate Japanese III (Fall 2017)
Mauricio Mutai san won both Haiku and Senryu Contest. Congratulations!

Haiku: 「あきかぜで おどってまわる こどくなは」
Senryu: 「としょかんで せいとはちゃんと ゲームする」

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