Students’ work (Fall 2018)

Students’ work (Fall 2018)

Students’ Work (2018 fall)

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Fall 2018
Group project work of the Beginning Japanese III
The second-year students made slideshow videos to introduce various American culture and custom to students from Japan at Penn! The videos are so informative, and all of our students want Japanese students to watch these videos when they arrive in USA!! Please enjoy watching their videos to get to know more about American from the students’ perspective!

  • 「アメリカのコンビニ 」created by Mimi, Brooks, and Shin

  • 「アメリカのデートカルチャー」created by Danny and Joana

  • 「アメリカのまつり 」created by Jacob, Christina and Huxin

  • 「アメリカの祝日」created by Pablo, Avi and Michelle

  • 「アメリカの映画 」created by Alisa, Christian and Jin

  • 「アメリカのおさけ文化 」created by Jasper and Faith

  • 「アメリカの大学のサークル 」created by Jingyu and Xiangruo

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