Summer Intensive Japanese for Sinologists

Summer Intensive Japanese for Sinologists

Study Intensive Japanese for Sinologists at the University of Pennsylvania

Enrollment for Summer 2024 has closed.  Please check back again in early 2025.

100% ONLINE Summer 2024

This ONLINE beginning Japanese course is designed for students who can read Sinographs and need Japanese grammar in order to read academic work. Two sessions will cover all the basics of Japanese structure, with some oral practice. The course will include 3 hours of synchronous online sessions and approximately 3-5 hours of asynchronous homework daily. With the instructor’s permission, students with a prior background in Japanese may enroll in the second session only. This course is taught by Tomoko Takami, recipient of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese 2019 Teacher Award at the college level and author of Powering Up Your Japanese through Case Studies: Intermediate and Advanced Japanese (2014), now in its tenth printing.

Instructor: Tomoko Takami, Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages, Director of Japanese Language Program, University of Pennsylvania (

Textbook and workbooks: Genki I (Summer Session I) and Genki II (Summer Session II) Edition 3

Inquiries: Jess Mullen (

Schedule of Classes

Summer Session I:  Monday, June 10th to Saturday, June 29th, 9 AM-12 noon EDT

W1: June 10 (Monday)-June 15 (Saturday)      6 days

W2: June 17 (Monday)-June 22 (Saturday)      6 days

W3: June 24 (Monday)- June 29 (Saturday)      6 days

Summer Session II: Monday, July 1st to Saturday, July 20th, 9 AM-12 noon EDT

W4: July 1  (Monday)- July 5 (Friday)                5 days

W5: July 8  (Monday) -July 13 (Saturday)        6 days

W6: July 15 (Monday) – July 20 (Saturday)    6 days


Student Testimonials…

“This Intensive Beginning Japanese for Sinologists course makes the impossible possible. I have never imagined that I could learn two years worth Japanese in two months until I actually did it. Many thanks to all the faculties and students who joined this once in a lifetime summer journey with me. 本当にありがとうございました!”

“The best intensive Japanese summer course I have ever attended! The most suitable Japanese language short-term program for students with Chinese reading ability who want to develop their Japanese language skills from the beginning in a short time. Professor Takami is so kind and helpful. She consolidates my confidence to continue learning Japanese language after the program.”

“While this course consolidates my previous Japanese knowledge, it has also taught me a lot of new grammar concepts and enriched my vocabulary, which will certainly be essential for my future academic career. It has also motivated me to look for more advanced Japanese classes in Penn and take the JLPT tests in the near future.”


This course is FREE for graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. For students outside of the University, the course is $1500 per session, or $3000 for both together.


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