Research – Vitality in International Organizations

Variation, Change, and Vitality in International Organizations

How do international organizations survive challenges? What accounts for the durability and resilience of some IOs, while others drift? Through several papers and a book manuscript in progress, I explore vitality, death, and inertia in international organizations.

Published Work

Life, Death, or Zombie? The Vitality of International Organizations

Domestic capacity and the implementation gap in regional trade agreements

Treaty Shopping and Unintended Consequences: BRICS in the International System

Leadership Turnover and the Durability of International Trade Commitments (with Jeff Kucik)

The Dynamics of Enlargement in International Organizations (with Rene Lindstaedt and Jon Slapin)

Exit Options and the Effectiveness of Regional Economic Organizations (with Jon Slapin)

Depth, ambition and width in regional economic organizations (with Jon Slapin)

How effective are preferential trade agreements? Ask the experts (with Jon Slapin)

Working Papers

The Patronage Function of Dysfunctional International Organizations, presented at APSA 2016

External Funding of International Organizations, presented at APSA 2018

The Shadow of Failure: How Disbanded IOs Shape the Fate of Subsequent Ones, presented at PEIO 2018