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About me

I am currently a Hans Rademacher Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania. My research interests are in Harmonic Analysis and related topics. I completed my PhD under the supervision of Jim Wright at the University of Edinburgh in 2022, having previously completed an integrated Master’s degree at the University of Warwick in 2018.


I am interested in Harmonic Analysis, and in particular, uniform oscillatory integral estimates and their relation to uniform sublevel set estimates in the presence of additional qualitative, geometric structural assumptions. I am also interested in Geometric Measure Theory, and have recently been thinking about using methods of Harmonic Analysis and Incidence Geometry to solve problems in Geometric Measure Theory.

Publications and preprints:

1. “Lower bounds on L^p quasi-norms and the Uniform Sublevel Set Problem”, Mathematika 67 (2021) 296–323. Published version (open access): Preprint:

2. “Oscillating spectral multipliers on groups of Heisenberg type”, Rev. Mat. Iberoam., joint work with Roberto Bramati, Paolo Ciatti and James Wright. Online version: Preprint:

3. “Algebraic Stability of Oscillatory Integral Estimates: A Calculus for Uniform Estimates”, preprint.

4. “Uniform Oscillatory Integral estimates for Convex Phases via Sublevel Set estimates”, preprint.

5. “An L^{3/2} SL_2 Kakeya maximal inequality”, preprint., joint work with Terence Harris and Yumeng Ou

PhD Thesis:

“The role of structure in oscillatory integral estimates”


In the Fall 2022 semester I taught MATH 1410 Calculus, Part II and MATH 6440 Partial Differential Equations.
In the Spring 2023 semester I taught MATH 4200 Ordinary Differential Equations.

In the Fall 2023 semester I taught MATH 1400 Calculus, Part I and MATH 3600 Advanced Calculus.

In the Spring 2024 semester I am teaching MATH 3130 Computational Linear Algebra.