Courses offered

I teach undergraduate (0-499) and graduate-level (400-699) classes on comparative health and social policy, comparative politics, and research methodology.

Most of my current courses are taught as SAIL (Structured, Active, In-class Learning) classes, in which students actively engage with course content through structured activities during class time.

PSCI 3170 (formerly PSCI 414) Comparative Politics of the Welfare State (2023 syllabus)

PSCI 6802 (formerly PSCI 696) Research Design and Qualitative Methods for Political Science (2023 syllabus)

Courses not currently offered regularly:

PSCI 009 Italian Politics and Society – Freshman seminar (2006 syllabus)

PSCI 110 Introduction to Comparative Politics (2010 syllabus)

PSCI 218 West European Politics and Society – Intro (2012 syllabus)

PSCI 221 Comparative Health Politics and Policy (2019 syllabus)

PPE 312 / PSCI 236 The Policy Process (2022 syllabus)

PSCI 518 West European Politics – Advanced (2010 syllabus)

PSCI 498-302 Political Development of Western Europe (2019 syllabus)

Other teaching materials

My 2-pager on “How to Read” is here.

My crowdsourced Zotero bibliography Readings on Race, Ethnicity and Method in Political Science. A pdf describing the contents of the library can be found here.

I am committed to creating a learning environment that is inclusive of students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and skill sets. Videos here and here explain my philosophy and practices of inclusive teaching.

PhD dissertations supervised

(* = chair)

2024     *Halevy, Lotem (U Penn Political Science) Who Gets to Play? Enfranchisement and Party System Consolidation in Central and Easter Europe

2022     Cunial, Santiago (U Penn Political Science) Greening the Grid under Sectoral Reforms: The Political Economy of Greening Electricity Policies in Latin America

2022     Brie, Èvelyne (U Penn Political Science) Eastern Resentment: Explaining Political Dissatisfaction in Eastern Germany

2021     Rader, Katherine (U Penn Political Science) Tangled Fates: Casting Racial and Economic Equality in Twentieth Century America

2020   Gemma DiPoppa (U Penn Political Science) Organized Crime in Strong States: Vote Buying, Migrants’ Exploitation and Public Funds Misappropriation

2018    *Isabel Perera (U Penn Political Science) States of Mind: A Comparative and Historical Study on the Political Economy of Mental Health

2018    Enrico Padoan Tovenoti (Pontificia Univ. Católica de Chile) A ‘Latinamericanization’ of Southern Europe? Anti-neoliberal Populisms in Comparative Perspective.

2018    Prakirti Nangia (U Penn Political Science) Mothers, Daughters, Wives, And Widows: The Politics Of India’s Social Programs For Women, 1985-2015

2017    Matthew Kavanagh (U Penn Political Science) Constitutionalizing Health: Rights, Democracy And The Political Economy Of Health Policy

2017    *Sidney Rothstein (U Penn Political Science) Worker Mobilization In Twenty-First Century Liberalism

2016    *Başak Taraktaş (U Penn Political Science) Making Autocrats Accountable: Interests, Priorities, And Cooperation for Regime Change

2015    Ian Hartshorn (U Penn Political Science) Corporatism, labor mobilization, and the seeds of revolution in Egypt and Tunisia

2010    Todor Enev (U Penn Political Science) The development of employment policy in post-communist Eastern Europe

2008    Simone Polillo (U Penn Sociology) Structuring financial elites: Conservative banking and the local sources of reputation in Italy and the United States, 1850–1914

2007    *Kimberly Fitch (U Penn Political Science) Liquidating the public sector? Water privatization in France and Germany

2006    Amel Ahmed (U Penn Political Science) Constituting the electorate: Voting system reform and working class incorporation in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, 1867–1913