Blogs in CampusPress


Here are some handy links from CampusPress about academic blogging.


New Tools for Enhancing a Front Page

Probably most of us who are creating an academic site on CampusPress would prefer a static front page rather than a front page that displays our most recent blog posts. “Static” in this case means “a page that’s dependably in the same (static) location”. Here’s a link to instructions for creating a static front page.

Here’s a link to “Creating and Customizing Your Home Page“, a blog post from CampusPress about using the Live Shortcodes Plugin or the Divi Builder Plugin to customize a static front page in CampusPress.

I’ll mention that the JetPack plugin is also useful for things like carousels and tiled image galleries (see my example of tiled images). My front page uses the Showcase Template, which allows both a static section at the top and recent blog posts below it.