At this time we are preparing the KDICP data for dissemination via ICPSR. In the meantime for access to KDICP datasets please contact Hans-Peter Kohler.

Available dataset

The following survey data are available for download from the Kenya Diffusion and Ideational Change Project:

I. Cross-sectional, individual-level data

KDICP-1, Women
KDICP-1, Men
KDICP-2, Women
KDICP-2, Men
KDICP-3, Women
KDICP-3, Men
II. Longitudinal, individual-level data

KDICP-1 and KDICP-2, Women
KDICP-1 and KDICP-2, Men
KDICP-1, KDICP-2 and KDICP-3, Women
KDICP-1, KDICP-2 and KDICP-3, Men
We recommend users download the dictionary files (compiled by Laura Bernardi).

In order to make the data suitable for public use all names of individuals and villages have been removed from the data (for both respondents and their named network partners in the social networks component of the questionnaire). Users who would like to have access to these names in order to conduct follow-up research on any of our samples (which we encourage), and users interested in special data configurations should contact us.


The KDICP data are available to researchers unconditionally. However, in order to be able to communicate with the users about data-related issues that might arise in the future, we need to know who is using them. Please contact us for access.


Users can download any of the data in STATA format (we recommend Stat/Transfer to change the format to SAS, SPSS or some other statistical platform). Note that to save space and reduce transfer time all files are compressed. To uncompress the files use either the free software Winzip or a DOS/UNIX-based utility, such as pkzip. If you have any problem downloading the data, please contact us.