Kolb Society Senior Scholars Colloquium and Dinner, October 13, 2023

The 18th Annual Kolb Senior Scholars Colloquium took place on October 13th with a retrospective of the Kolb Society. President of the Society, Williams Director Christopher Woods presented the history of the Kolb Society, followed by talks by Fellows Whit Schroder and Seth Bernard. The colloquium ended with a roundtable discussion involving all present Kolb Society fellows led by Faculty Coordinator Holly Pittman.

Before dinner, for the first time, group photos were taken of the assembled Kolb fellows including the newly elected Junior Fellows, the Junior Fellows who were present at the dinner, the Kolb Foundation board, and the entire Kolb Society who were able to attend the colloquium and dinner.

On the left 2023 newly elected Junior Fellows Matthew Capps, Hakimah Abdul-Fattah, David Mulder and Charles Ro. Above Junior Fellows David Mulder and Autumn Melby (front row); Charles Ro, James Gross, Robyn Barrow, Matthew Capps, and Hakimah Abdul-Fattah (middle row); and Bryce Heatherly, Robert Vigar, Samantha Seyler, Mark van Horn, Brigitte Keslinke, John Sigmier, and Chrislyn

Laurore. (Not pictured: Chelsea Cohen, Eric Hubbard, Marc Marin Webb, Kasey Diserens Morgan and Justin Reamer.) Pictured above Kolb Foundation board members Chris Thornton, Shari Leinwand, Chris Woods, and Matt Waters with Faculty Coordinator Holly Pittman (center).

After photos, the cocktail hour provided a chance for fellows to catch up with each other and Fellow Brad Hafford to host his podcast highlighting the Kolb Society.

Faculty chair Holly Pittman and recently graduated Junior Fellow Reed Goodman.

Recently graduated Julia Simon and Ben Abbott; Junior Fellows Robyn Barrow, Mark van Horn, Brigitte Keslinke, and Autumn Melby.

Newly elected Junior Fellow David Mulder (center) chats with Fellow Stephennie Mulder, Emerita Senior Fellow Renata Holod and Dr. Oleh Tretiak.

Fellow Brad Hafford interviews Fellow Whit Schroder, one of the colloquium speakers for his podcast.

Brad talks with Fellow Darren Ashby.