• Fellow Patricia Kim curates the exhibition “Slow Motion”

    Slow Motion, an indoor and outdoor exhibition curated by Fellow Patricia Kim for Monument Lab at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey, opens on May 5th and continues until September 2025. The exhibition “reimagines the material possibilities of public memory” and features the artists Billy Dufala, Ana Teresa Fernández, Colette Fu, Omar Tate, and……

  • Congratulations Fellow Anna Sitz!

    Congratulations Fellow Anna Sitz!

    The monograph written by Fellow Anna Sitz, Pagan Inscriptions, Christian Viewers: The Afterlives of Temples and Their Texts in the Late Antique Eastern Mediterranean (OUP 2023), has recently won the First Book Award of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS). Anna will travel to St. Louis to receive the  First Book……

  • Congratulations Fellow Darren Ashby!

    Darren Ashby, who graduated from NELC in 2017 and has been the Program Manager for the Iraq Heritage Stabilization Program, has assumed the position of Programs Manager for ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives….Continue Reading Congratulations Fellow Darren Ashby!

  • Congratulations Junior Fellow Robert Vigar!

    Robert Vigar (ANTH) defended his dissertation entitled “DISPOSSESSING NUBIA: THE POLITICS OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL PRACTICE IN NUBIA”  on February 29, 2024….Continue Reading Congratulations Junior Fellow Robert Vigar!

  • Congratulations Junior Fellow Justin Reamer (ANTH)

    Congratulations Junior Fellow Justin Reamer (ANTH)

    Junior Fellow Justin Reamer defended his dissertation in September and deposited it on November 10, 2023. His dissertation was titled “The Farmers in the Del: Maize and Minsi-Lenape Foodways in the Minisink NHLM (2000 BCE–CE 1675).” He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and Laboratory Coordinator in the Anthropology Department at Bryn Mawr College….Continue Reading…