Juliana Pena

penaJuliana Ivelyz Pena
Ashburnham, MA
Sophomore, Huntsman Program in International Studies and International Business, May 2019

Juliana’s passion for Korean Studies began while she was in middle school. Since then, she has spent ample time researching Korean history, culture, and language. As a Korean language target in the Huntsman program, Juliana has had the unique opportunity to connect her interest in Korean Studies with international business, in order to understand South Korea’s influence globally throughout history. After graduation, she plans to pursue a masters either in North-South Korean Relations, or Korean History at a Korean university. Juliana would also like to work in Korean marketing, making Korean culture and history more approachable for domestic and foreign audiences.

Juliana is excited to be an Undergraduate Fellow because she is passionate about Korean studies, and wishes to engage the Penn and local community about academic opportunities in it. Juliana also hopes to learn more about the professionals and academics in the field, and see how she can can incorporate Korean studies into her professional life.