Oral Presentation (Fall 2020)

This year, KORN011 students made great video presentations introducing their town, despite the limitations of remote instruction this year.

1. “Philadelphia” by Sean Kirwin

2. “Portland” by Justin Tran

Oral Presentation (Spring 2019)

KORN012 students made video presentations on the topics of their choice after 11 weeks of Korean language instruction.

1. “My family” by Mahak Sethi (KORN 012-001)

2. “Batman and Joker” by Julian Sing Yau

3. “Trip to Asia” by Shankar

4. My spring break by Shu Emily Yu

Oral Presentation (2018)

KORN011 students made video presentations describing their typical day or their room after 7 weeks of Korean language instruction.

1. “Typical day off” by Brian Temsamrit (KORN 011-002) 

2. “My typical day” by Jessica Chen (KORN011-001)

3. “My Room” by Lauren Kim (KORN-001-002)

Group skit project (2012)