Full Time Research Assistant – Kurzban lab at Penn

I am currently seeking a full-time, paid research assistant to work in my laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, starting on August 15th of this year, continuing for two years. In exceptional cases, I will consider a one-year commitment, but those who are able to commit for two years will be given preference. The position entails taking operational leadership of an ongoing United States Air Force funded project investigating the evolved function of revenge. Responsibilities include recruiting participants, managing the data-to-day operations of the experimental sessions, and managing one part-time undergraduate research assistant who helps to run experimental sessions. This position is probably best for someone who is interested in gaining experience in an experimental evolutionary psychology laboratory with the goal of eventually applying to graduate school in the area. The position is for two full years, and pays $28,500 plus benefits.

To apply, please send me (kurzban@psych.upenn.edu) a cover letter indicating your qualifications, a c.v. or résumé, and names and contact information of three potential references. (Please note that the successful applicant will also have to apply through the more formal channels through the University of Pennsylvania.) For best consideration, please submit your application by May 31st.

02. May 2013 by kurzbanepblog
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