Calling for PhD Applicants in Evolutionary Political Science

This announcement comes via Peter DeScioli:

The Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University seeks applicants for the PhD program with research interests at the intersection of evolutionary psychology and political science. The faculty include evolutionary researchers Andy Delton (, Peter DeScioli (, and Oleg Smirnov ( Active research areas include cooperation, generosity, morality, alliances, property, risk preferences, agent-based modeling, and evolutionary game theory. The department is also strong in experimental economics and has recently initiated an interdisciplinary Center for Behavioral Political Economy. We seek to recruit exceptional students who will pioneer novel evolutionary approaches to understanding political behavior and institutions.

Please forward this notice to all interested students. The application deadline is January 15. For general questions about the PhD program, contact Jason Barabas, PhD Recruitment Director. For more information and application materials, visit:


04. December 2013 by kurzbanepblog
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