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Comparative Evolutionary Psychology


Guest Editors:

Jennifer Vonk (Oakland University) and Todd K. Shackelford (Oakland University)


To better understand the design of psychological adaptation in humans, comparative psychologists and evolutionary psychologists sometimes study similar adaptations other species. Often, however, advances in evolutionary psychology and comparative psychology occur in parallel but are unheeded by researchers working in these closely related fields. We aspire to further bridge this divide by highlighting connections between evolutionary psychology and comparative psychology. A comparative evolutionary psychology would provide a framework to guide research on psychological adaptation in humans and non-humans, by demanding careful consideration of cross-species similarities and differences in selective pressures and psychological adaptations.

We are soliciting original manuscripts on the study of psychological adaptation in both humans and non-humans in areas such as (but not limited to) mate selection, navigation, spatial processing, communication, parenting, cooperation, social reasoning, and aggression. Manuscripts accepted for publication must address similarities or differences in psychological adaptation between humans and non-humans, or the manner in which research in one field can inform the other.  Manuscripts may be original empirical papers or programmatic review papers.

Accepted papers will be published in a special topic of Evolutionary Psychology ( in 2012, to be edited by Jennifer Vonk and Todd K. Shackelford.

Prospective authors should first submit a short proposal (about 300 words) to Jennifer Vonk ( by May 1, 2012. Full submissions will be invited from selected proposals. However, this is not a guarantee of final acceptance as papers will undergo a formal review process, and are expected to meet the same standards for publication as papers submitted to the Journal through the regular review process.  Accepted papers will be limited to 8,000 words (including abstract and references) and should be submitted by Aug 1, 2012. Publication is expected to be in Dec. 2012.

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