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Evolutionary Developmental Psychology


Guest Editors:

Karin Machluf, James R. Liddle, and David F. Bjorklund (Florida Atlantic University)


Applying an evolutionary perspective to the physiological, behavioral, or psychological characteristics of any organism typically leads to a focus on adulthood. Indeed, only after the age of fertility is reached can one engage in the behaviors associated with direct replication of genes (i.e., mate selection, procreation, caring for offspring), and evolutionary processes have played a key role in designing the mechanisms associated with these behaviors. However, it is important not to overlook the journey to adulthood, which is rife with adaptive problems. The burgeoning field of evolutionary developmental psychology argues that no evolutionary theory of psychology can be complete without a serious examination of the selective pressures and adaptations related to early development.

We are soliciting original manuscripts on the application of evolutionary theory to human development, ranging from prenatal to adolescent stages, with possible manuscript topics including (but not limited to) learning, cognitive development, aggression, cooperation, peer relationships, family dynamics, adaptive immaturity, and gene-environment interactions. Manuscripts may be original empirical papers or theory-driven review papers.

Prospective authors should first submit a short proposal (about 300 words) to by May 1, 2012. Full submissions will be invited from selected proposals. However, this is not a guarantee of final acceptance as papers will undergo a formal review process, and are expected to meet the same standards for publication as papers submitted to the Journal through the regular review process. Accepted papers will be limited to 8,000 words (including abstract and references) and should be submitted by September 1, 2012.

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