Integrated Language Sciences and Technology

Bringing together language science and technology at Penn.


The ILST program brings together students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and expertise who share an interest in understanding the computational and neural underpinnings of linguistic and nonlinguistic communication, in humans, other animals, and machines.


Any existing Penn graduate student who is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Linguistics, Psychology, Computer and Information Science, or Neuroscience, is welcome to participate in this program and its activities.

Omnia Magazine Features Penn Language Community

Penn's Omnia Magazine has published an article featuring the ILST language community. Here is a link below. WIDENING THE LENS ON LANGUAGE STUDY Penn Arts and Sciences faculty use language to unravel mysteries of culture, cognition, and communication by Karen Brooks

ILST Co-Director Charles Yang wins Guggenheim

The School of Arts and Sciences’ Charles Yang has been named a Guggenheim Fellow. Yang will use his Guggenheim Fellowship to support a new line of research exploring how children learn to count and how they develop the conceptual understanding...