April 26

New AirPennNet-Guest effective tomorrow, 4/27!

Good afternoon,

We are writing to inform you that changes are coming to the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network on Thursday, April 27, 2017. The new system will streamline and improve registration, refresh aging infrastructure, and reduce or eliminate the administrative burden for special events.  Clients will not need to do anything to prepare for these changes.

Who Is Affected?

Anyone who uses the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will be affected. Please keep in mind that the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network is for visitors of Penn and not intended for student, faculty, or staff use.

What Will Change?

·       The AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will act as one large wireless hotspot for campus
·       Guests will be required to register a properly formatted e-mail address, therefore eliminating the dependency on having a PennKey
·       All current forms of AirPennNet-Guest authentication (e.g., conference codes, Penn affiliate sponsorships, sponsored MAC, etc.) will no longer be required
·       Only basic Internet connectivity will be provided, including web browsing and secure protocols, such as standard VPN and RDP
·       Bandwidth usage limits are in effect providing 3Mbps up/down per device
·       Registration of devices on the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will need to be renewed daily, instead of weekly
·       The AirPennNet-Guest wireless network will block hosts that may serve malicious content
·       In case of abuse, repeat offenders will be blocked from using the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network

How to Connect

  1.  Select the AirPennNet-Guest SSID
  2.  Open a browser
  3.  Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions
  4.  Enter a valid email address
  5.  Click Submit


If you have any questions, please contact Client Care by emailing help@isc.upenn.edu or calling (215) 898-1000.

ISC Client Care

University of Pennsylvania



(215) 898-1000

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 6:00PM

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