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How to Make a Secure Password

Hello folks,

Password pop quiz! I know, it’s hard to remember the ongoing strings of passwords we have to maintain, but remember, they are access into very important personal parts of your life!

In the interest of keeping your passwords up to date and current with the modern requirements and complexities, I have noted the following resources. Please consider changing your old passwords, especially if they have been previously shared.

UPenn’s Pennkey Password general information:

A tool for creating complex passwords, courtesy of, following the idea that phrases and sentences are easier to remember for humans and harder for computers to guess:

Another useful tool for creating complex passwords which are easier to remember and safe:

The Pennkey Password Requirements are listed below, in openly suggested options.

20 or more characters: any U.S. keyboard characters
example: boldaugustpretzelcloud
16-19: capital and lower-case letters
example: BoldAugustPretzel
12-15: capital and lower-case letters and numbers
example: 4Bold7August8
8-11: capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols
example: $4Bold78!

PennKey passwords are also screened for easily guessed combinations, such as:

  • Portions of, or simple variations on, your name or username
  • Single dictionary words (English and non-English): Diversifications, Alternativamente
  • Common 2-3 word combinations: PhiladelphiaEagles
  • Predictable strings: 123123, abcdef, qwerty, johnpaulgeorgeringo, pa$$w0rd, drowssap
  • Compromised passwords on published lists

If you have trouble remembering a longer password, write it down and handle it with the same caution you would a credit card.

And remember! Legit IT Support will never ask you for your password, especially in an email!

-SSC Help Desk, 215-898-6454

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